10 Virtual Event Ideas To Plan An Awesome Online Event

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Virtual Event Ideas

The need for Virtual events rose significantly after the global pandemic with over 93% of the event marketers planning to invest in virtual events. Virtual events became very popular because of the urgency to have a safe and rewarding alternative for live events. Now hosting virtual events is an essential skill for any event organizer.

The transition was overwhelming for many event organizers because they faced some difficulties to keep their audience engaged. While live events stopped because of the pandemic, the new alternative most be planned the right way to attract the audience and make compensating profits.

In this article we’re going to cover 10 of the most interesting Virtual event ideas to make an awesome plan for your next online event.

What is a virtual event?

A Virtual event is any type of event that takes place online such as webinars, conferences, live streams using online communication tools to connect remotely.

10 Virtual Event Ideas

1. Webinars

What is a virtual event

Webinars are good to interact with audience while speaking overtop a slideshow. Attendees can ask related question and the speaker can provide answers during the live event.

2. Virtual concert

Virtual concert

Organizing a virtual concert is a great way to engage with people interested in live concerts because most of them are missing the real concert experience.

3. Health and wellness activities

Health and wellness activities

Because of the pandemic most people were unable to go to gyms and wellness centers, so they faced a challenge to keep their physical and mental health. Virtual wellness activities allowed people to engage with health experts and wellness coaches from the comfort of their homes.

4. Cooking class

Cooking class

Who doesn’t like food! During long days of lockdown because of the pandemic a lot of people will be interested in investing in a cooking class especially if they can learn from home that will make the experience even more enjoyable. You can send the needed kits to the participants before starting the event to make sure everyone is well prepared.

5. Social media challenges

Social media challenges

Social media challenges are on the rise among Instagram and TikTok, many similar challenges can go viral especially if it was raising funds for charities. A lot of people can engage in such activities and widely share with their friends.

6. Chat rooms

Chat rooms

Chat rooms are essential for participants before and after the event because it makes the attendees more comfortable by building community around the event. Participants can use social feed to introduce themselves, and ask questions about the event.

7. Audio discussions

Audio discussions

Audio discussions using Audio-only social networks are very good alternative for most people who struggle every time to join in Zoom meetings. Audio apps allow participants to join the conversations while doing their daily activities.

8. Sponsorships


Allow sponsors to make session during your virtual event, that way sponsors can reach out to attendee. Help sponsors by providing them with more advertising opportunities to deliver their message and get in touch with the audience.

9. Giveaways


Hosting giveaways is a great way to boost your event engagement. For instance, giveaways can be given in a form of incentives after the virtual event. Give your audience another reason to engage with your virtual event.

10. 360 Degree tours

360 Degree tours

Virtual 360-degree tours can provide a visual representation of your business location in a panoramic and 360 degrees, people can move around the place with an experience similar to reality from the comfort of their home.


Virtual events are the new normal and it had a permanent impact on the way we run our event. The Ideas above will help you plan for an awesome virtual event. You can always be creative and add more to make your event more engaging.

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